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Ivana believes that every divorce is a tragedy...the end of a dream. But, she's also convinced that the end of a marriage can be a new beginning.
As she unraveled the elaborate scheme designed to ruin her, Katrinka summoned up an unwavering strength to do combat for all she loved. For inside this passionate, worldly woman lived the Czech girl who had learned, iin the snowy mountains to glide from each new challenge to greater victory...who, whenever life seemed to crush her, always found a way to triumph.
A marvelous novel about a woman of charm and courage whose life surpassed the grandest fantasies; the man whose daring ambition matched hers and made them the golden couple of the age; and the exclusive circle of friends, whose devotion was priceless.
"In loving memory of my beloved father, Milos, mother Maria, and three children, Donnie, Ivanka and Eric."

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