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My Hobbies

"I love buying and restoring homes in the best locations in the world! You know the saying! Location! Location! Location!" 

"I fill my homes with only the things I love, beautiful glassware and the finest antiques."

"Only surround yourself with the things that you love and that make you happy!"

 Ivana buys, restores and enjoys each of her homes. In New York, in Palm Beach, in Miami, in London and of course, St. Tropez! "Great locations and a great investment even during these tough times we are all in."

"I always felt very secure and safe with real estate, real estate always appreciates"

Ivana loves all sports.

Ivana spends a great deal of time traveling! With constant trips between the UK and NY making public appearances, Ivana manages to keep in great shape no matter where her travels take her.

Fashion! Dubbed "the queen of the jet set" Ivana's go-to designers over the years have included Bob Mackie and Oscar de la Renta as well as newcomers
Zang Toi and Domenico Vacca. Ivana swears by her
bubblegum pink lipstick which is almost as iconic as her bouffant "hair-do"...Ivana says she may be "over the top" sometimes but its mostly practical.