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Dear Friends....

  Happy Spring...and soon to be summer to all my dear friends! 

  I hope you managed to get through this long, depressing winter? And I see on TV that it is still snowing in some places....the very day after it was 65 degrees!
Spring at its most unusual and complex.

  Wanted to share some happy news! Ivanka is pregnant again, and we are all so thrilled! 

  The beautiful Vanessa just lost the baby weight from her fourth child. She shed 65 pounds and looks her most beautiful self again. I mean, she is gorgeous when pregnant and with the 4 young ones now she certainly kept busy. But, like all women, it's good to shed that extra weight and feel in fighting form again.

  I just launched the career of someone I think is a fabulous artist. GIOVANNI PERRONE, is a student of architecture but realized that he was passionate about painting so much more. So he studied at several colleges and his talent and training are so obvious in his works of art. (Visit his website: 
http://www.giovanniperrone.it) I just had a launch party for him in my home which was packed by fans of his work. To entertain them, my boyfriend, 
Marcantonio Rota performed several romantic Italian ballards, the Prosecca flowed like Roman fountains and a wonderful time was had by all.

  I have been working on new products and just love being involved with work. It keeps you energized, interacting with others, learning new skills. I am sure it might be good to retire, but as the wise saying goes...when you love the work you do, it will never be a job. And I just love the work I do, all the traveling I get to do. I have friends around the world and it seems like we are all bumping into each other in exotic places.

  I am sure you'll agree, but the years are flying by too quickly now. You see this most when you look at your own children who are grown and in their children who grow taller and more beautiful by the day.

  Every happiness to you all!

                                  xo Ivana Trump